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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to be an Active Learner

OK...How r u????i hope everything ok n may ALLAH bless u all tahu pe itu AN ACTIVE LEARNER???ad yg tahu & ad yg xtahu, now sy nak gtau cm mana nk jadi an active learner.... :))
I hope after this you can judge yourself adakah anda an active learner @ tak....

1. Being an active learner
  • Org yg active learner ialah seorang yg ingin belajar lebih drpd apa yg dorg dpt or tahu. Maksudnyer, tak bergantung pada lecturer or cikgu semata2...ada usaha utk cari information tambahan.
  • Most importantly, active learner ada rasa self-confidence and high self-esteem.
 2. Knowing your objective and responsibility for every
  • Because, every task has an objective and for every task you have a responsibility
3. Having faith in yourself
  • For example : replace failure words 'can't' with 'can', 'failure' with 'success', and 'impossible' with 'possible'.
4. Participating in your learning process
  • Going to class and trying to "Absorb Everything"
  • Getting the front seat
  • Then, Asking or answering a question
  • Taking notes in class
  • Taking notes while reading

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